KPN VoiceMail

The KPN VoiceMail app provides you a full summary of your voicemail messages. You now not got to suffer through long, automatic phone menus. select that message you would like to pay attention to initial, straightaway send a text message to the caller, or come back their decision straightaway mistreatment the app. It’s simply that easy!

You’ll get these options with the KPN VoiceMail app:
– straightaway come back calls to the person who’s left a message
– hear and delete Mobile VoiceMails quicker and easier
– Clear summary of all VoiceMail messages
– select that message to pay attention to initial
– Modify vital settings simply
– Messages deleted from the VoiceMail inbox can still be on the market within the app when their expiration date. If you save them to your phone, you’ll even keep them once you take away the app.

KPN VoiceMail could be a free service, solely for KPN customers.

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