Download FNaF World Halloween Edition

FNaF World Halloween Edition is actually a troll game which was introduced in the year of
2015. It is quite a nice video game which has been designed and created beautifully. It is an
entertaining game for all. It is simple to download FNaF World Halloween Edition. It was
developed by Scott. There are three levels which the players can set according to their choice.
These levels are mentioned below:

1- Easy – When you will choose the easy mode then the player will have the character is
Freddy Fazbear. When you will be playing as Freddy, his main attack by fighting the
enemies is the “BITE”.

2- Medium – By selecting the medium mode, the gamer character is the Bonnie. When the
gamers will be playing it as Bonnie than the main attack by fighting the enemies is the

3- Hard – In the hard mode, the gamer character is the Chica. By playing this game, her
main attack by fighting the enemies is “FLAP”.

There are different functions from which the players can make the most. The stock is quite
limited in the main game as they are located within the limited number of treasure chests spread
out around the plan. The gamer can hold a lot of 30.

1- Claw/Bite/Flap – In the main attack, the players will have to use the Poison Sword as
well as can deal double damage in case the player has the Spike Ball.

2- Heal Song – The Heals Freddy by approximately 25 percent of his utmost HP.

3- Faint Notes – Drains HP from the foe to cure Bonnie

4- AMP Song/Rock Notes/Boom Cakes – It provides an attack which is stronger than the
main Claw/Bite/Flap attack.

5- Boost Song – It completely boosts distasteful as well as defensive prowess.

6- Regen Cakes – It completely provides Chica health regeneration.