Europe heatwave: Side effects felt by zoo animals, sprout farmers and more

1. A melting mountain

A ice mass on Sweden’s Kebnekaise mountain isn’t any longer the country’s highest purpose, as a result of it thawed such a lot throughout July.

Gunhild Ninis Rosqvist, a geographics academic at national capital University, referred to as the event “quite scary”, adding: “You see the results of temperature change thus clearly here.”

The popular peak lost 4m (13ft) of snow between two July and thirty one July.

2. Switzerland’s fish rescue

Switzerland’s fish area unit sauteing (so to speak), and several other cantons have had to launch rescue missions to prevent them dyspneal. once the water temperatures rise on top of 27C (80F), several species cannot survive. Last week, Lake Constance reached 25C.

In some areas, workplace chiefs are ready to gather vulnerable species and relocate them into cooler waters. However, they are saying this has not been potential in Lake Constance and also the Rhine.
Meanwhile, on physical object, Switzerland is additionally looking for its alternative residents. the Swiss army has additionally let troopers wear shorts and T-shirts rather than their regular uniforms. And police dogs area unit being equipped with shoes to shield their paws from hot pavements.

3. Fears of a capital of Belgium sprout shortage

A discordant one, this. For the sprout haters among North American country, news that atmospheric condition creates a “hostile environment” for planting the veg is unlikely to trigger a lot of regret.

For sprout farmers, however, it is a major issue – and they are warning a shortage may well be around the corner.

Potatoes are in peril, with reports they’ll be smaller than traditional this year once the rigours of a chilly winter and a capriciously hot summer.

Bad news for Christmas dinners – excellent news for veg-avoiding youngsters.

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